Ellis Pro-Form Modular System
(1000 P.S.F Hand-Set or Gang Formed)

Reusable, cost effective and versatile. Our modular Ellis Pro-Form systems are a great option for construction companies that specialize in more than one type of structure. From residential to commercial, walls of almost any shape and size, and even columns and round tanks, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

Ellis Pro-Form systems are known to perform more than 30 years under tough conditions and continuous use. Only the plywood needs to be replaced, as needed.

Pro-Form panels and accessories are compatible with Symons Steel-Ply and other similar forming systems. Mix and match with your existing equipment to make the most flexible system for your needs.


  • At a glance:
  • 1000 PSF System
  • Handset or gang form
  • Fast and easy hardware connections
  • High carbon steel for years of use
  • Compatible with Symons Steel-Ply and other similar systems
  • 1/2” 100/30 HDO plywood is a standard feature (All plywood edges are polyurethane sealed for protection against moisture)
  • Top-of-the-Line 100% Birch plywood with PSF face also available
  • Handles for ease of transporting, positioning and stripping (handles are not to be used for climbing or connecting fall prevention devices.

Ellis Gang Adapter System
A complement to Pro-Form panels

Speed up gang forming of your modular panels, and reduce form ties with our gang adapter system.

Our exclusive reusable slotted G-A taper tie and wedge are key to the system’s speed. It’s the fastest and most economical form tie available. Simply pass it through the forms and lock it in place.

Our G-A Wire Loop Tie is the highest strength available in the market today. The next time your job requires a tie that does not leave a hole through the wall, or requires a water seal, try the G-A water seal tie.

The G-A wedge provides an external spreader with either the slotted taper tie or the gang adapter loop tie.

The gang adapter is basically a strong back made of 2 high strength side rails with a welded steel face. This adds strength in the vertical direction allowing less ties to be used.




Pro-Form System

The Ellis Pro-Form System is cost-effective, reusable, and versatile. Our modular systems are ideal for companies specializing in construction of multiple structure types. With proper care and cleaning, our Pro-Form panels have been known to withstand over 30 years of continuous use in tough conditions, replacing plywood as needed.

Symons Forming Systems

Ellis Formwork Manufacturing Pro-Form panels and accessories are compatible with Symons Steel-Ply and other similar systems.

System Details

Our 1000 PSF system can be hand-set or gang formed. The hardware connections are fast and easy so you can get the job done quickly. Pro-Forms are made of durable, reliable high carbon steel. The system also features handles to make stripping, positioning, and transporting simple.

If you are interested in learning more about our Ellis Pro-Form System, contact us today. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team of experts who are standing by to answer all of your questions. We have everything to meet your forming and shoring needs and can manufacture custom systems to ensure you get exactly what you require for your project.