The Ellis 10k Steel Frame shoring system is an option for light to heavy duty applications which require the toughest specifications in shoring. If the job calls for high capacity shoring, think Ellis 10k shoring.

Our 10k shoring utilizes 6-1/2″ aluminum beams for longevity and light weight.

Whether the job is high rise office towers, structured parking, or sporting exhibition facilities, Ellis provides the highest quality shoring for the most capacious pours and largest floor plates.


  • Featuring aluminum beams for longevity and light weight
  • Screw Jacks
  • Base Plates
  • U-Heads
  • Cross Braces

The Importance of Accurate Concrete Shoring

A safety factor refers to product strength expressed in terms of ratio. Concrete formwork has a safety factor of two to one. This means that it is twice as strong as it has to be to work effectively. The purpose of the safety factor is to protect against any unexpected events that may occur on a dangerous job site.

Concrete shoring loads may increase because of multiple spans of strongbacks, stringers, joists, and walers. The safety factor for concrete shoring frames accounts for unforeseen events such as human error. It is important to note that shoring frames are not intended to be used as design tools.

10K Steel Frame Shoring System

The Ellis 10K Steel Frame shoring system is an excellent option for any light to heavy-duty applications that require tough specifications when it comes to shoring. If the job you are working on requires high-capacity shoring frames, the obvious choice is the Ellis 10K shoring system.

Understatement of the Shoring Loads

Understating the shoring load could prove to be detrimental for contractors. It is vital to understand the concrete shoring loads and the method used to calculate the loads before your next pour. Make sure your entire team is on the same page, especially those in charge of shoring frames, and that everyone understands the potential risks.

At Ellis Formwork Manufacturing, we are not only dedicated to customer satisfaction but also to customer safety. If you have any questions regarding the safety factor of concrete shoring frames or any of the products that we offer, contact us today.