DropDeck *NEW*

The Ellis DropDeck shoring system consists of lightweight aluminum beams that can be erected and disassembled quickly and safely. The drophead allows for the removal of the beams without disturbing the post shores. This allows for faster pour and strip cycles saving you time and money. The interlocking design of the shoring members makes this system flexible and customizable to any jobsite challenge. 3/4” plywood is used on top for decking.


The Ellis 10k Steel Frame shoring system is an option for light to heavy duty applications which require the toughest specifications in shoring. If the job calls for high capacity shoring, think Ellis 10k shoring.


Add flexibility to your company’s toolbox with the Ellis Shoring system. Using our Ellis Clamps with common 4×4 dimensional lumber found at every local lumber yard, shoring of any shape or size can be created for the application. Great for re-shoring!

Quality Concrete Shoring

Concrete shoring systems are designed to support poured in place, elevated, horizontal concrete slabs. The shoring system is temporarily constructed to uphold the formwork until the poured concrete is completely set and can support itself.

Available Shoring Systems

Ellis Formwork Manufacturing has a variety of concrete shoring systems available to meet your construction needs, including Ellis DropDeck, Hi-load 10K Steel Frame, and Ellis Shoring.

The DropDeck shoring system is made from lightweight aluminium beams that can safely and quickly be set up and disassembled using 3/4” plywood on top for decking. The drophead makes it possible to remove the beams without disturbing any of the post shores. Therefore, pour and strip cycles are faster, which saves time and money. The interlocking shoring members ensure that this shoring system is completely customizable for any challenge you may face on the job site.

The Hi-load 10K Steel Frame concrete shoring system is great for light to heavy duty applications requiring tough shoring specifications. If your job needs high-capacity concrete shoring, this is the shoring system that you should choose. Hi-load is available in six frame sizes: 4’ 5’ and 6’ heights, and 2’ ad 4’ widths.

Add flexibility when you choose the Ellis shoring system. Ellis Clamps , when used with common 4×4-dimensional lumber, concrete shoring in any shape or size can be created for easily application. This product is perfect for re-shoring.

If you are interested in learning more about the quality concrete shoring systems that we have available, contact Ellis Formwork Manufacturing today. We are available to address all of your concerns and help you find the shoring system that best meets your specific needs.