The DropDeck System from Ellis Formwork

Ellis Formwork Manufacturing has been providing innovative shoring solutions to customers in the construction industry since 1964. The DropDeck System from Ellis Formwork Manufacturing consists of lightweight aluminum beams that can be erected and disassembled quickly and safely from below.

Save Time and Money with the DropDeck System

The DropDeck System head makes it possible to remove shoring beams without removing the post shores.Our system allows for faster pour and strip cycles that save time and money.

The interlocking design of the DropDeck System makes it flexible and customizable. You can take on any job site challenge with confidence.

DropDeck Features and Benefits


  • Easily erect, move, and tear down without a crane
  • Standard (6’ X 6’) spacing allows workers to erect several thousand square feet per day


  • The versatile DropDeck System is suitable for numerous applications
  • The system allows post shores to remain while beams are removed


  • Lightweight construction reduces the risk of injury
  • The DropDeck System uses high-quality USA-made components for maximum durability

Contact Ellis About DropDeck Today

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