DropDeck System

The Ellis DropDeck system consists of lightweight aluminum beams that can be erected and disassembled quickly and safely from below. The drop head allows for the removal of the beams without disturbing the post shores, allowing for faster pour and strip cycles that save time and money.

The interlocking design of the DropDeck shoring members makes this system flexible and customizable to any job site challenge. All DropDeck systems require 3/4” plywood for decking surface.


Time Saving:

  • 6×6 foot post shore spacing
  • Drophead allows for fast removal
  • Drophead allows post shores to remain
  • Several thousand square feet can be erected per worker per day


  • The post shores and lightweight aluminum beams are set from below for fast and safe setup


  • Light weight reduces injury risk
  • High quality USA-made components

The Shoring Post Explained

The process that is used to support an unsecured structure temporarily that otherwise would collapse is known as shoring. Most often, shoring is used during installations and repairs to hold up walls. It is also used to prevent tunnels and trenches from collapsing. The shoring post is the most common material used in such situations.

What is a Shoring Post?

A shoring post is vertical support that is usually made from aluminum, steel, or wood. The post may be used alone or in combination with a variety of other shoring systems. A shoring post is also frequently used for reshoring jobs as well.

Ellis DropDeck

The Ellis DropDeck shoring system is made up of lightweight aluminum beams that you can erect and disassemble on your job site safely and quickly. The drophead is ideal because it makes it possible for you to remove the beams without having to worry about disturbing the shoring post. Therefore, your pouring and stripping cycles will be much faster. This is an excellent way to save both time and money on any job.

The interlocking design of the DropDeck shoring members makes this system ideally flexible and customizable to meet the needs of any job site. All you need is 3/4” plywood that you can use on the top as decking.

If you are interested in learning more about using shoring posts or about our DropDeck shoring system, contact Ellis Formwork Manufacturing today. We have a friendly and knowledgeable team of experts who are ready to answer any questions that you may have and help you find your ideal shoring solutions.